Interviewing people is an art and we can help you get the true story of what occurred or know when the person is not telling the whole story. Mr. Reisen will apply our talent and skills in the art of Reading Body Language and his Advanced Interviewing Techniques, Mr. Reisen has mastered these skills and teaches these two courses to fire and law enforcement officials.  Before the interview takes place, he sets the goals and prepares the setting of the interview in advance.  Once the interview is conducted, the NORM is set and he builds rapport with the interviewee and to apply dominance when needed.

The purpose to any interview is to Diagnose, Identify, and Recognize the truth or deception in verbal statement along with reading the body language to detect clusters of blocking behavior patterns or set NORMs.  Mr. Reisen has been retained in some high profile fire cases to interview witnesses and suspects.



Evidence examinations are very important when conducting a fire or explosion origin and cause investigation.  This type of examination helps to identify fire debris by analyzing and/or failure of an electrical component or appliance, which can pin point the cause of the ignition source that resulted in fire damage.  With experience in evidence examinations,        Mr. Reisen will take the lead in conducting a case management coordination with all interested parties to establish a joint investigation protocols, scene safety and destructive testing if warranted.

Photographs from a fire scene investigation can tell the story of What, Where, When and sometimes how a fire started.  To a trained expert in the field of fire causation, photos can show how smoke, heat and fire traveled throughout a structure and what stages (phases) the fire progressed too.  Review of documents from a fire investigation, interviews, written statements and depositions can determine the time line of the fire, how victims played a role in the incident and if someone is not telling the whole story or the truth in a written statement.

Fire and explosion investigations can be complicated and sometimes you need a second opinion.  When you need a fire causation expert in Florida with years of experience and has given expert testimony in court, look towards REISEN FIRE CONSULTANTS, LLC.

Mr. Reisen has over 36 years of experience in the fire service and over 24 years of experience in fire and explosion investigations.  He has been educated and trained in the Art of Reading Body Language (nonverbal communications) during interviews and interrogations to uncover deception while seeking the truth. Since his training, he has mastered this art and teaches this technique to fire and law enforcement investigators.  He also specializes in reading deception in written statements of witnesses and suspects.

We also apply the interpretation and requirements of NFPA 921, the Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, into all of our cases.