Fire Protection and Detection Systems

Interviewing and Reading Body Language

Expert Testimony

   Appliance(s) and equipment that are found to be within an origin site must be

   examined.  Photographs should be taken from as many angles as possible. 

   Information about the item must be collected so that a proper identification can be

   obtained to perform scene reconstruction of the item in question to assist in fire

   cause analysis.

Product Liability and Subrogation

Origin and Cause Investigation


   Fire detection, suppression and alarm systems are an important part of any building.    We review the system inspection and maintenance records to ensure compliance

   along with the performance of the device and system.  The scope to our

   investigation is to analysis the suppression system to see if it functioned correctly

   or did it assist in spreading the fire.

   Legal considerations impact every phase of a fire investigation.  A goal for every fire

   investigator is to produce reliable documents, samples, statements, information,

   data and conclusions to present to a judicial system.   Mr. Reisen has given this

   type of testimony in civil and criminal depositions and at trials and has been

   qualified as a fire causation expert in his field.

   The purpose of any interview is to gather both useful and accurate information. 

   It is the responsibility of the investigator to evaluate the quality of the data obtained

   from any witness to test credibility.  Interviewing people is an ART and we assist our

   clients in gaining true events of an incident.  We teach a course to investigators in

   the Art of Reading Body Language which produces results for our clients. 

   Fire is a rapid oxidation process which provides an exothermic chemical reactions, 

   which will produce heat and light energy.  Weather its a resdiential or commerical

   structure, wildland, vehicle, vessel or personnel property we search for all possible

   ignition sources.  A search of all combustible and flammable properties of

   fuels would be examined to find the actual point of origin within the area of origin. when visiting a loss site or reviewing